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My name is Serge, I am an independent sound artist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer.

Being a musician today means composing, playing, writing, singing, arranging, recording, mixing, mastering, producing, videoing, uploading, designing, promoting, booking, performing, blogging, messaging and filing tax returns. That, more or less, is what I do.

Sa, Re, Ga and Ma are the first 4 notes of a seven notes octave in Indian music, equivalent to  Do, Re, Mi, Fa in Western music. I guess I picked the nick SaReGaMa because I am really fond of Indian classical music, which, probably, is the most profound and sophisticated music in the world.

Self-taught, I started with music as a hobby at the age 17. I had a big passion for music, but not enough means to afford musical instruments, so I learned how to build them. Thus, most of the instruments I have started with were homemade—flutes from plastic pipes, percussion from cans, etc. And once a carpenter friend of mine made me a giant kalimba. The instruments I play today are: keyboard, guitar, different kinds of ethnic flutes, didgeridoo, percussion, kalimba and jews harp.

In 2007 I published my first album on Jamendo and since then I have been honored to be listed there among the top artists and my albums have hit number one several times. Little by little, the hobby turned into vocation and nowadays I have my work featured in various large scale projects around the world including:

  • Films, animations, documentaries and performances
  • National and international television broadcasts, shows and commercials 
  • Advertisements and branding campaigns of major corporations
  • Humanitarian campaigns, websites, music on hold, background music
  • Numerous online corporate projects and personal individual projects of many kinds

My first notable project was an award-winning film OCEAN OF AN OLD MAN

The film represented India at International Film festivals 2008-09 in Pusan, Cairo and Breda.

 My works cover most of the existing styles and genres, from Orchestral music and sweet New Age solo tunes to Horror music, noisy Grunge, Psy Trance and Dubstep. My preferable genre, however, is Psybient, since it allows complete freedom of artistic expression by blending various musical styles.

Together with 2 other musicians I created one of the first virtual bands in the world - Triplexity,  the primary musical style of which is Nujazz with influences of IDM and World music. Triplexity is a gold winner of Jamendo awards 2009 in Jazz/Nujazz category and our 'Between Light And Shadow' album was #1 on Jamendo for a couple of months.

Here are 3 compilations of my popular tracks:

Chillout, Psybient, World, Meditative     Electronic, Psybient, World FusionAcoustic, Ethnic, World

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